Customer benefits

Direct discovery

We live in a world of Instant gratification. Provide customers results within seconds of a query.

Ease of use

There's no learning curve. With the capability to be integrated into places like Facebook Messenger, Skype and Slack, skill required for users to become accustomed to a new service is reduced.

Natural language processing

Make the interactions more human. With the ability to understand natural language lingo, we are able to create meaningful conversations without feeling like you're dealing with a robot.

Business benefits


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future. With advancements in AI we are now able to create models which are self-learning, adaptive and free of human error.


Don't waste your man hours. Automating tasks allows you to better focus and reallocate your staffing efforts in more meaningful ways.

Meaningful data

Customers prefer the ability to self-serve. With greater insights, learn more about your customers and give them the capability to better empower themselves.

Suited for

Travel & Hospitality
Book, search and change your flight details...
Check your grades, eligibility to graduate and course availability...
Buy, view and share your favourite clothes...
Food & Beverages
Get groceries delivered to your door...

What we offer

Your custom chatbot/AI solution provider.


Implement your chatbot at a high standard, customised to your business requirements. Our experts will help you create chatbots your customers will love.

What makes our services different is the guarantee to tailor our chatbots around your specifications and needs at value, no matter the current state, as we place great importance on client satisfaction.

Supercharge your business with an intelligent chatbot


Turn your business objectives and services into a curated conversation. Keep it simple; less is more


Make it personal; engage every customer in a unique and intimate way


Build truly qualitative data with artificially enhanced analytics and insights


Automate the delivery of tailored services to millions with your chatbot


AI is a new and profound way of getting things done. Tasks which would normally require the cognitive ability of humans can be outsourced to computers for quicker completion with greater accuracy, thus freeing up capacity for more important tasks at hand.

Don't waste your FTE hours, utilize them by outsourcing your work to AI/chatbots. Some examples where this can be of benefit are stated below.


Able to identify with accuracy what items are part of a photograph or scene


Able to pick up on contextual speech lingo


Able to pick up on the small facial cues and gauge the mood of a conversation in real time


Able to search the internet/database to pick up data points valid to your question through API's

And more...

With AI you are now able to harness these abilities, get in touch and find out how AI can be of benefit to you

Analytics & Insights

A chatbot offers another source of rich data that can be analysed to better understand customers. The data gained from this can then be used to generate meaningful insights and better predict customer behaviour.


Using the data we're able to create dashboards highlighting particular areas of interest (such as hit rates and trends over time) to uncover meaningful insights


Adhoc data extracts can be used as reports to support quick and timely decisions


We offer a service that aims for scalability and seamless integration with your legacy systems. We will help utilise the power of your current data while expanding your future capabilities.

Below are some of the integration options. If your service or platform is not listed, get in touch with us to discuss other options; we can tailor a solution to your needs.





Other Sytems



Other Sytems

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